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We embarked upon a journey to create something that matters to us and many other parents.  A company that provides tools for the parents of special needs children.  I began my IT and electronics in the US Air Force 10 years ago.  During my time in the Air Force I enjoyed traveling to many places with my wife and 3 sons, including living in Portugal for two years, visiting, Spain and Germany.  I have 3 sons ages 10, 9 and 8, my 9 year old was said to be with autistic when he was 3.  We were glad and lucky to find out early, since then we've had many adventures.  He is the inspiration for this company. I began making apps to assist my son, and later thought that, other parents may find these tools useful for special needs children.  The first app created was our Go To Zoo, which I made when I initially moved to the Tampa area in order to prepare my son for our trip to see animals at a local theme park.

We appreciate all the support we are currently receiving as a start-up, as we are at the beginning of our journey towards creating more and more tools for parents and children everyday.

Who We Are: Live 2 Learn Differently Inc. is a software development company, specializing in building applications for special needs children based on individual education plans.

Mission Statement: We exist to provide  learning applications to the parents and teachers of special needs children. We will provide mobile apps that enhance the learning experience. 

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