A Few Of Our Apps

Hear Me Please

Hear Me Please gives children with autism the opportunity to communicate, basic needs to those around them, such as parents, teachers and siblings. This application covers the main, communications at an early age such as communicating the need to eat, drink, play and greeting friends. This is an interactive app, giving children the ability to take pictures of what they are trying to communicate and to record themselves greeting others. 
• Communicate with others!
• Make your own fun and game!
• Communicate things that you like
• by taking pictures of them!
• Keys: "Manding", "Assistive communications"
• "Social Skills", 

AuSocial Lab (AuBot)

AuSocialLab is a full social and communications apps leveraging ABA therapy and speech therapy methods to teach young children and children with Autism. The app is focused on a fun and open environment and is meant for caregivers, teachers to work with the students. The app creates a fun and easy going way for children to develop social communications skills and become more comfortable with using their vocabulary as it increases.

SunCoast Google Dev Fest

Android develops in the Tampa area come together annually to share new insights. Live 2 Learn Differently, came through and gave a course on